Amirah “Dahairboss”


“Dahairboss” knew at the young age of 12 she wanted to have a career in creating “Hair art”. She honed her skills as a teen in weaving attended & graduated from LT international Beauty School. Afterwards she began to cater to different textures of hair styles of weaving natural haircare color & cutting which became her specialties. You are getting a wealth of haircare knowledge 17 yes expertise and a pampering experience out of this world when you choose “Dahairboss.

Jasmine E’lan Owner


Jasmine’s interest in hair styling and fashion began at the age of 7 years old.
Weekly thrifting with her grandmother sparked a curiosity for vintage glamour and inspired her interest in “dressing up!” Like a moth to a flame, Jasmines creative “juju”was born!

Being the only child for a while, Jasmine spent hours entertaining herself, cutting up socks and pillow cases, designing and hand sewing couture outfits for her dolls.

After discovering the grim effects of experimenting with hot curling irons and synthetic fibers (“Baby Doll Hair”) Jasmine was forced to find a way to improvise and coordinate hairstyles with the lovely ensembles she’d created for her them!

This is how her love for creative hairstyling developed!
Jasmine used rollers and bobby pins to create curls and braided scarves into her dolls hair to create length to their ponytails!

It wasn’t long before her appetite for hairstyling grew and she began offering to style family and friends hair.

With much encouragement from her family, Jasmine was guided into understanding the importance of healthy hair care practices and procedures.
This awareness inspired her desire to get an education in Cosmetology.
After graduating and receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Jasmine’s professional career as a licensed cosmetologist began in 2005 after graduating from Empire Beauty School.
Jasmine specializes in Natural hair growth, Haircutting,Hair coloring and Extension customization.

Age: Old Soul Young Heart

Zodiac Sign Aries: ?

Education: Life