Cutting & Styling Model A

Featured Tip: Modern Cut
            Simple and sweet, these ‘dos make it easy to look great on the go. BOOK HERE or read more about this style below..

What is Trendy?

Normally, short hairstyles look best when they are left natural. However, when it comes toreally short cuts, you cannot vary their styles often and need a professional hairdo. FYI, latest styles and trends make it possible to go limitless styling options for black women with really short hair.

What to choose? You can opt for versatile bob with different angles, straightened style and typical African hairstyle.

Nothing says edgy and stylish like short hairdos and arched eyebrows. Jazz up this cute fauxhawk by making it your own! Undercuts flatter black ladies immensely. Adding color will not only compliment your black hair, but skin tone as well. On your way home from the salon, treat yourself to a new ear piercing.